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Balcony makeover

I really like the apartment where I live. It is bright with its large windows, located in a very quiet area, there is a train station only 2 walking minutes from it and very good connections to the city. The only problem was the balcony… It was so ugly and dark with its concrete floor. I rarely invited my guests for a meal or drinks over there because I really didn’t like it.

This year I have decided to transform my balcony into a place where I can spend nice evenings and weekends with my husband and a couple of guests. Let me show you how I did it.

Before: Very ugly concrete floor, a large rectangular table and almost no space left.

After researching floor options, I chose wood decking squares because they can be placed on any sized apartment balcony. The only problem is that my balcony has a weird format and I would not be able to use the squares everywhere. But I am a big fan of decorative stones and therefore I decided to use them to fill up the spaces where the decking squares did not fit.

The next step was to add a few plants and some life to the balcony. As a feng shui follower, first I checked the Bagua colors which apply to this part of my home: red, pink and white. I already had a Japanese red maple and decided to buy lilies and herbs to complete it.

The balcony is not very large and therefore I had to be clever when selecting the furniture and decor elements. I kept my previous chairs because they are neutral and very comfortable but the table had to go. A small wood square table seemed to be a good option because it doesn’t occupy too much space and I can fold and store it in the basement once summer is over. I chose a couple of decor pieces that refer to the feng shui favorable colors: red pillows, colorful flag bunting and a ladybug.

The weather here in Switzerland is not very stable and, after my new balcony was ready, I realized that I needed a place to store pillows on windy and rainy days. After considering a few options, I decided to use a decorative bag that was placed below the table. Now I have a nice place to keep my pillows, magazines, or summer blankets.

I really enjoyed planning and executing this project and I am very happy with its final result. This balcony makeover was not that hard to do and I am already dreaming about nice brunches, afternoon teas and cocktail parties at my balcony.

Featured on Apartment Therapy on May 6, 2015